Wayve AI Driver

We are building a safe driving intelligence to enable any vehicle to drive autonomously in any city.

Wayve AI driverless technology

Our technology

Wayve’s AI Driver is a new form of artificial intelligence that enables vehicles to drive autonomously without expensive sensors or high-definition maps.

Wayve AI Driver illustration

Wayve AI Driver

Wayve AI Driver is a safe driving intelligence that can enable automated driving when integrated with a base vehicle alongside a lean sensor and compute suite. Our AI learns from deep learning and large-scale data to drive in complex, dynamic environments without maps or programmed rules.

Wayve AI Driver software processes camera and radar data from the car’s sensors to detect objects and obstacles around the vehicle, predict how other road users will move, and then perform a safety-verified motion plan for driving.

Autonomous Vehicle

How our technology works

Delivering unmatched urban driving performance

Unlike other self-driving technologies that are limited to specific mapped streets, Wayve’s advanced AI Driver operates more like a human driver would, learning to drive in one city and then applying what it has learned in new places. Our technology can deliver unmatched urban driving performance in new and unfamiliar cities thanks to continuous data-driven learning and decision-making.

Watch Wayve AI Driver master the busy streets of London, in all weather and traffic conditions.

Advantages of AV2.0

Why choose Wayve AI Driver

Learns continuously

Our self-driving software never stops improving. We have a robust system for collecting and analysing data from all driving experiences on the road and in simulated environments.

No mapping required

Our self-driving software can generalise – or easily apply – its driving intelligence to new, previously unseen places without HD maps or re-engineering.

Vehicle agnostic

Our technology is designed to operate on any type of electric vehicle platform, from passenger cars to delivery vans. Advances made in either vehicle type directly benefit the other.

Commercially viable

Our technology is designed with a lean sensor and compute suite that is optimised for affordability, safety and scale.

Fleet Learning Technology

As new Wayve vehicles take to the road in new cities, our Fleet Learning Technology continually improves the AI software that drives them.

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