We are pioneering an AI-first approach to self-driving, inspired by our vision of a smarter, safer and more sustainable world.

Wayve's Jaguar I‑PACE AI driving around London

The future of mobility

Artificial intelligence is already changing everyday aspects of our lives, transforming industries and creating new ones. The next great leap will come from deploying AI in real-world machines – including self-driving vehicles.

Self-driving vehicles have the potential to improve society in many important ways, including reducing congestion, improving road safety and creating smarter cities.

Solving self-driving in a new way

To build self-driving technology that can easily scale to hundreds of cities, we need to reimagine how we create autonomous systems. Instead of traditional robotic stacks, which require highly-detailed maps and expensive sensors to operate, we embrace an AI-centric approach that builds the driving intelligence to go anywhere.

At Wayve, we are pioneering this next wave of autonomous vehicles.

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Wayve's AI driving Wayve's Jaguar I‑PACE with a safety operator at the wheel

Wayve AI Driver

Our embodied AI software will power tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

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Wayve AI driverless technology


Delivering the breakthroughs in deep learning that make AV2.0 possible.

Wayve van and passenger car


First AI model that can generalise across different vehicle platforms

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Wayve Vehicle driving in london


First AI model that can generalise to new, unseen cities in the UK

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Wayve driving in roundabout overhead image


First application of end-to-end deep learning to drive a car on public roads

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Wayve vehicle using RL to self drive


First application of reinforcement learning to teach a car to drive

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Partnering with fleets

We are changing the future of delivery. Our self-driving technology is flexible in design with a lean sensor stack, making AVs commercially viable for fleet operators. We’re working with the UK’s leading grocery retailers, Asda and Ocado Group, to trial our technology on the busy roads of London.

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“We’ve been impressed with Wayve’s approach to solving this most complex of challenges. We are excited to accelerate our capabilities so that our retail partners globally can take advantage of them at the earliest opportunity.”

Alex Harvey Chief of Advanced Technology, Ocado Group
Wayve van turning on a roundabout