Bringing the next wave of self-driving technology to market.

Putting AI in the driver’s seat

Artificial intelligence is already changing everyday aspects of our lives, transforming industries and creating new ones. The next great leap will come from deploying AI in real-world machines – including self-driving vehicles.

At Wayve, our mission is to reimagine autonomous mobility through embodied intelligence. Our solution uses deep learning to solve the challenges of self-driving, eliminating the need for expensive and complex robotic stacks that require highly-detailed maps and programmed rules. The result is a data-driven algorithmic solution that learns from experience to drive in any environment, even new places, without explicit programming. We call this next generation AI-centric approach: AV2.0.


Teaching cars to drive with deep learning

Deep learning has achieved significant breakthroughs in solving many complex decision-making problems. At Wayve, we are using deep learning to train our AI software to recognize and predict how people and objects will move around the vehicle and to reason the best path forward.

Our data-driven AI Driver can convert data inputs from cameras and radar into driving outputs, like turning the wheel or slowing down, seamlessly through one neural network that’s thoroughly tested for performance and safety and robustly integrated into a base vehicle.

Building a safe driving intelligence

To build a safe driving AI, we train on hundreds of millions of data samples from real-world and simulated driving to show it how to drive through diverse, dense streets. If we need to adjust its driving capabilities, we train on new data. That’s why deep learning is a more scalable way to solve automated driving technology.

Meet Wayve AI Driver

Built to adapt to any situation

No two situations on the road are ever the same. Weather, visibility, traffic, roadworks, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians constantly change. It’s nearly impossible to hand-code every situation that a self-driving car may encounter.

That’s why our AI software learns the concepts of driving from data and can instantly apply that knowledge – or generalise its driving intelligence – to new situations without re-engineering.

Fast and cost-efficient generalisation is a core feature of AV2.0 and it’s how we can scale our self-driving solution to the world.

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