Seen a Wayve vehicle near you?

Let us answer your questions about our self-driving vehicles.

What is Wayve?

Wayve is a start-up developing AI technology to bring self-driving vehicles to roads.

Where might I see a Wayve vehicle?

We test our self-driving cars in the UK, primarily in London. We also occasionally test in other cities to see how well our technology performs in different road structures and traffic densities. So far, we’ve tested in Cambridge, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

What about other vehicles using your technology?

All cars and vans fitted with Wayve’s self-driving technology are part of our fleet of self-driving vehicles. In the future, we plan to work with our fleet partners to fit their vehicles with Wayve’s technology so they can drive autonomously, meaning on their own, without a human driver operating them.

Why is there a person behind the wheel if these cars are self-driving?

Our highly trained drivers monitor how the technology performs and step in to correct it if needed. They can switch the car back to manual driving or override the self-driving features at any time.

Are these cars safe?

Yes, the technology is tested extensively before it goes out on the roads. It’s also constantly being updated as our engineers learn more about how it behaves in any and all situations. And there’s always a highly trained driver behind the wheel monitoring how the technology performs.

Are your self-driving cars allowed on the road?

Yes, we are allowed to test self-driving vehicles on public roads with an expert driver behind the wheel. We work closely with the Government, which has approved our testing method, and with the police to ensure optimum safety at all times.

Why does your car have cameras?

Our vehicle cameras allow the car to see where it is going and avoid any objects around it. We collect this data for research purposes to help develop the safest and most efficient system possible. We do not use this data to identify any individuals. We take data protection very seriously and process all our data in accordance with GDPR. For more information, see our privacy policy.

What is the point of self-driving cars?

Self-driving cars have great potential to change transportation for the better. These vehicles will make travel more affordable, efficient and accessible. They will lead to fewer cars on the road, which means less congestion and emissions. They will also be able to support those with reduced mobility and those unable to access other forms of transport.

When can I use this technology?

Our technology is very advanced and progressing every day. We are currently preparing our technology for food and parcel deliveries, so it’s likely that your first experience with one will be during such a delivery.