Safety is at the core of what we do here, and it’s at the heart of why we do it.

Our commitment

Safety is a central consideration for our self-driving technology, and we work hard to ensure that it remains a top priority at every stage of development.

Self-driving vehicles will make transportation more accessible, efficient, sustainable – and vitally – much safer than it is today. Our work is essential to making this a reality. We develop our technology to constantly monitor the road, identify and respond quickly to potential hazards, and prevent accidents caused by reckless or distracted driving behaviour.

Why safety matters

Every 22 minutes

someone is killed or seriously injured on UK roads

1.35 million

people are killed in car accidents worldwide every year


of all road traffic deaths involve pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists

Saftey at Wayve – man testing

Our safety framework

Our comprehensive framework ensures that we incorporate safety at every stage of development and every system level. It is organised around five distinct areas: functional safety, the safety of intended functionality, operational safety, crashworthiness and cyber security.

These are our Wayve Pillars of Safety and Security.

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AV Testing

Wayve’s approach to testing self-driving vehicles in the UK.

How we test
Our responsibility – Wayve's Van on the streets of London

Seen a Wayve vehicle near you?

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Wayve van turning on a roundabout
Person getting into the Wayve Jaguar I-Pace
Wayve's AI driving Wayve's Jaguar I‑PACE with a safety operator at the wheel