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Our holistic approach to
Safety & Security

Ensuring the safety and security of our system and vehicle operations requires a multidimensional approach

Six Pillars of Safety and Security

Driving autonomously in complex urban environments, such as London's busy streets and leafy avenues, is likely to be the most difficult set of driving scenarios the AV industry needs to solve. These tasks are not only difficult due to the complexity of the driving scene, but more importantly our systems also need to comply with road rules, respect other road users and remain secure throughout their service life.

At Wayve we believe a multidimensional approach is required to ensure the safety and security of our Autonomous Driving System and vehicle operations. So, we have defined a six-pillar strategy to manage the safety and security of our vehicle trials and the products we release into the marketplace. Furthermore we abide by a strict data privacy policy for all the personal data we collect during testing and development.

Building trust within the community is key to our success. The technology we are developing can have a positive impact on all our lives, so we will work with the general public to increase awareness while striving towards a happier and safer future for all road users.

Functional Safety

Ensuring electronic failures will not cause unacceptable risks to human life

Our team of experts work diligently to ensure that any failure of our electronic system will not lead to unacceptable risk to human life.

We achieve this by following automotive safety standards such as ISO 26262:2018 and applying industry best practice during the development, testing, and validation of our system’s electronics.


Ensuring our autonomous vehicles can operate with human-like behaviour

The Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF) is a field of active research undergoing continuous development and improvements.

We are keeping abreast of the latest standards, industry guidelines and publications to ensure that our approach to the safety of machine learning systems is matching the industry's best practice.

Operational Safety

Conducting our vehicle trials safely, mitigating risks for other road users

We ensure the safety of our operations by following a risk-based approach, where the risks within our domain of operation are identified and mitigated through driver training and deployment processes.

We only employ safety drivers who can demonstrate significant experience of working in the most challenging driving conditions.

Cyber Security

Ensuring our vehicles and facilities are resilient to malicious attacks

We manage a complex computing infrastructure, which comprises our autonomous vehicles and machine learning data pipeline which means hazardous events can arise due to malicious attacks.

To limit the potential for such attacks, we minimise the number of entry points and apply industry recognised standards to ensure a high level of security is achieved for our systems.

Data Privacy

Protecting the privacy of individuals while gathering data during our vehicle trials

During a working day at Wayve our vehicles gather huge amounts of video data from the road scenes they encounter.

Managing this data and protecting the privacy of individuals who are filmed is important to us, so we process all our data in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Our data privacy policy can be found here.


Safeguarding the vehicles active and passive crash safety features

Adapting vehicles to work with our technology entails both mechanical and electrical integration.

To ensure this is carried out to the highest standards, we have a skilled team of automotive engineers who ensure our systems do not negatively impact the built-in safety and crashworthiness of our vehicles.

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