Wayve AI Driver

Redefining automated driving technology for OEMs

Wayve AI Driver

Empowering vehicles with Embodied AI

Discover Wayve’s revolutionary AI Driver, transforming driving automation for OEMs. Our mapless, hardware-agnostic solution enables efficient software upgrades, unlocking advanced levels of automation from L2+ to L4 as Wayve’s core AI model evolves.

The Wayve AI Driver difference

Adaptive AI driving: Elevating safety and efficiency

Rooted in end-to-end (E2E) AI, Wayve AI Driver learns from real-world data to navigate diverse environments with unmatched precision and flow. This evolution in driving technology significantly enhances both safety and efficiency.

Universal compatibility: Streamlined integration across all vehicles

Our AI software platform is designed for universal compatibility, allowing for straightforward integration into any vehicle. This empowers OEMs to easily adopt automated features across their entire vehicle portfolio, promoting a cohesive driving experience across the lineup.

Mapless autonomy: Scalability and cost-efficiency redefined

Our unique mapless AI solution facilitates effortless adaptation to any environment, eliminating the need for detailed HD maps. This simplifies global deployment and significantly lowers costs, allowing for scalable expansion of automated driving technology.

Continuous evolution: Ensuring long-term value and relevance

Wayve AI Driver is designed with future-proofing in mind, enabling seamless over-the-air updates to support different levels of driving automation. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that vehicles remain technologically advanced, providing long-term value to consumers and OEMs alike.

AI Driver Platform: Tailored for production

Wayve AI Driver offers a comprehensive suite that includes foundational driving models, safety mechanisms, APIs, data collection, and cloud-based monitoring and configuration infrastructure. This platform is engineered to optimize performance, configuration, and safety, meeting the high standards of the automotive industry.

Wayve: The ideal AI partner for OEMs

Wayve AI Driver is more than just a technological solution; it’s a visionary approach to autonomous driving built on principles that resonate with OEMs—ensuring innovation, safety, adaptability, and scalability.

Empowered by AI

Leveraging the latest AI advancements, we empower vehicles to navigate the complexities of real-world driving with unmatched precision and safety.

Adapt with data, not decisions

Our data-driven approach unlocks scalable generalization and performance, reducing the reliance on costly programming and decision-making processes.

Built for production

Wayve AI Driver is engineered to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring easy integration into production vehicles and compliance with global regulations.

Safety 2.0

Our technology integrates AI advancements with established safety practices, accelerating validation and setting new safety benchmarks.

Wayve AI Driver Portfolio

Explore our AI Driver solutions for progressive driving automation

AI Driver Assist
AI Driver Assist

Experience hands-free driving assistance that goes beyond the standard L2+ systems. Our advanced solution showcases human-like driving in complex urban environments, highways and major arterial roads.

Hands-free driving: Enjoy the convenience of hands-free driver assistance day or night, from city to highway, with minimal hardware requirements. Designed for the world but will be first launched in Europe, the US, and Japan.

Ultimate safety: With NCAP-compliant comprehensive warning and active safety systems, your safety on the road is guaranteed in all conditions.

Upgrade to more automation: Our evolving AI model allows for expanded automated driving capabilities on the same AI Driver platform.

Experience our advanced L2+ hands-free driving assistance system, paving the way to unlock L3 and beyond.

AI Driver CoPilot
AI Driver CoPilot

Experience a new level of convenience and safety with our partially autonomous driving solution, offering collaborative AI driving features.

Your CoPilot: Enjoy safe and effortless driving with partially autonomous driving on highways and hands-free assistance everywhere else.

Collaborative driving: Harness the power of AI-driven technologies, including gestured driving, language integration, and customization, creating an intuitive and responsive connection between driver and vehicle.

Peace of mind: Know that NCAP-compliant ADAS functions will respond to every emergency, and advanced secondary safety systems are always watching, even when you don’t. Enjoy additional premium features like memory park assist and valet parking.

Elevate your driving experience with AI Driver CoPilot (L3) – the next level of partially automated driving.

AI Driver
AI Driver

Experience fully automated driving with our turnkey L4 solution that can transform any vehicle into a fully automated one.

L4 automation in urban areas: Enjoy hands-free, eyes-off driving on city roads with AI Driver’s automated system.

End-to-end turnkey solution: AI Driver can be implemented in any vehicle, making it a versatile and scalable solution for autonomous driving.

Optimized for goods delivery and robotaxis: AI Driver, trialed in autonomous delivery, is designed for industries like robotaxis, rideshare, and goods delivery, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation services.

Discover how our advanced L4 technology can revolutionize the way you travel.

Wayve AI Driver Platform

A configurable product platform

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with a vehicle’s onboard software. With the ability to upgrade the core driving model, it enables continuous improvement in automated driving capabilities over time. This paves the way for a faster transition from assisted to automated driving using the same architecture.

Integrated on-board components

The integrated on-board components serve as the vehicle’s ‘brain’ for safe and efficient navigation. They bring together our foundation driving model and NCAP-aligned safety mechanisms. These components are embedded into the base vehicle using APIs, allowing seamless integration with software, HMI, and sensing systems.

Powered by Fleet Learning technology

Our advanced Fleet Learning Technology drives continuous improvement and adaptation. It encompasses several core enabling technologies, including Foundation Model Development, AI Training Engine, Data Platform, Simulation, World Modeling, and Model Diagnostic tools. These technologies work together to enable us to enhance and refine our models based on real-world data and experiences.

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Advanced off-board capabilities

We offer an off-board monitoring and configuration platform to give OEMs greater control and flexibility in managing and optimizing for safety and performance. Our cloud infrastructure is designed to support OEM customization, deployment, software release management, and integration with OEM fleet management systems.

Tailored for OEM customization

Our platform provides software development tools for OEMs to customize driving styles and user experiences. It also allows OEMs to adapt the Wayve AI Driver to integrate with their existing Automated Driving Systems. This flexibility empowers OEMs to deliver unique and market-leading features and create a truly tailored driving experience for their customers.


Wayve’s AI Driver software is compatible with a flexible, sensor-agnostic hardware stack

Designed to be fully compatible with OEM hardware and layout preferences, our system integrates smoothly into existing vehicle architectures. The choice of sensors and computing hardware is guided by the vehicle’s operational design domain (ODD), along with safety and performance considerations.

Camera-first Sensing

Our camera-first approach emphasizes flexible sensor selection and configuration, enabling effective and cost-efficient sensing.


Automotive radar enhances safe vehicle operation at a reasonable cost, complementing our camera-first approach. Additional sensors, such as LiDAR, can be integrated as needed by the OEM.


Our lean and adaptable compute requirements enable us to easily adapt to different embedded computing platforms. This enhances the scalability of our Wayve AI Driver technology.

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