Advanced AI technology for safer, smarter driving

Unlocking AI's potential for partners

Wayve is revolutionizing the future of automated driving. As the leading developer of Embodied AI for automotive, we equip OEMs and fleet owners with the tools and technology to seamlessly transition from assisted to automated driving. Explore how Wayve can be your optimal AI partner, accelerating the journey towards tomorrow’s vehicles.

Unmatched speed to market

Wayve’s AI software enables rapid integration, giving partners a competitive edge. Our end-to-end AI technology is data-driven, significantly reducing development time for adapting to new vehicle platforms and geographies.

Automotive safety at the core

Wayve’s AI architecture prioritizes automotive safety and is highly effective in navigating complex scenarios. It achieves this by constantly learning from real-world experiences, allowing it to handle unpredictable situations with ease and precision.

Tailored to your needs

Wayve’s flexible and customizable AI software caters to each brand’s distinct requirements. Whether enhancing existing L2+ ADAS capabilities or transitioning to L3 or L4 automated driving, Wayve’s technology aligns with your future vision.

Future-proof your fleet

Wayve’s AI software is designed to evolve with seamless over-the-air updates as our AI model progresses. This ensures your vehicles remain at the cutting edge of premium driver-assist and automation technology.

Wayve AI Driver

Explore how Wayve’s product solutions can help you accelerate the transition from L2+ driver assistance to L4 autonomy for your entire vehicle range.

Wayve delivery van driving in a residential neighborhood

Fleet solutions

Learn how Wayve is collaborating with fleet operators to develop Wayve AI Driver solutions for last-mile delivery and ride-hail.

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