11 October 2021  |  Leadership

Wayve appoints Kaity Fischer as Director of Business Development and Partnerships

AV business specialist Kaity Fischer joins Wayve as Director of Business Development and Partnerships as Wayve embarks on its first commercial trials.

Wayve appoints Kaity Fischer as Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Kaity has been instrumental in leading business processes and partnerships across the AV sector. In her most recent role at Waymo One, she defined the partnerships strategy across Waymo’s ecosystem of private, public and government partners. When at Aptiv (now Motional), Kaity operationalised the world’s first and largest commercial, autonomous ride-hailing deployment available to the public. During the time that she managed the program, this covered over 3,400 destinations and delivered more than 100,000 paid autonomous rides, while maintaining a nearly perfect average passenger rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars.

Alex Kendall, CEO Wayve commented:

“Kaity’s project management, relationship building and strategizing skills are unrivaled. She’s had a huge impact in the autonomous mobility sector throughout her career. Her experience rolling out one of the earliest trials in the AV industry puts Kaity in prime position to help drive successful commercial deployments of Wayve’s AV technology.”

“Kaity is a huge asset to the team, and will be instrumental in helping us lead the most scalable deployment of AV2.0.”

Kaity Fischer, Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Wayve says:

“I’m thrilled to join the Wayve team and to continue to develop solutions that will enable AV tech to deliver on its many positive impacts for society.”

“Truly equitable access to mobility doesn’t only mean improved personal transportation; it enables greater access to resources, to community and to opportunity. Wayve’s data-learned approach, AV2.0, is uniquely positioned to offer autonomous mobility that is scalable and accessible.”


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