24 April 2023  |  Leadership

AI software leader Silvius Rus joins Wayve as VP of Software

AI software veteran, Silvius Rus, joins Wayve to lead the company’s software team across robotics, data, compute, ML and infrastructure, as it builds embedded software to train and deploy AI foundation models for self-driving at scale.

Silvius Rus, VP Software Wayve

Wayve, the self-driving technology company reimagining mobility with embodied AI, is excited to welcome Silvius Rus as Vice President of Software at Wayve. He will lead the company’s Software organisation to build Fleet Learning technology to train and deploy Wayve’s AI Driver software at scale.

Silvius brings a wealth of experience in building large-scale and complex systems which have achieved extraordinary impact. He was instrumental in delivering the platform software for all of Google’s datacenter compute infrastructure, including machine learning and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform. While there, he grew the software organisation to 250 engineers to deliver the on-device and infrastructure software for Google’s TPU ML accelerators, which power Google’s AI development across Search, Ads, Cloud and other areas. Silvius’ expertise and leadership will help Wayve build the software required to deploy its AI Driver and support the distributed machine learning workloads that are part of Wayve’s Fleet Learning technology.

Throughout his career, Silvius has brought vision, systems thinking and a constant focus on building high-performing software teams that can deliver industry-defining technology. We’re excited to have Silvius join us as we embark on our next stage of growth across all of our Software organisation, including robotics, data, compute, machine learning, and infrastructure. He will be based out of Wayve’s London office.

Alex Kendall, Co-founder & CEO, Wayve says:

“I’m truly thrilled to welcome Silvius to our team. With his extensive knowledge of developing embedded software and distributed systems for machine learning, there is no one better suited to lead our Software organisation. Developing AV2.0 requires us to push the boundaries of machine learning infrastructure to train billion-parameter neural network models on petabytes of video data obtained from our vehicle fleets. Silvius is an exceptional software leader for this extraordinary software challenge.”

“Having a leader like Silvius is hugely beneficial and exciting for us. We can’t wait to learn from his expertise to drive our software development roadmap forward and evolve our culture to unlock our next level of scale.”

Silvius Rus, VP of Software, Wayve says:

“Looking at how fast AI is advancing, I simply cannot imagine a future without autonomous vehicles. It’s a matter of when, not if, autonomy will benefit humanity at scale across geographies, cultures and development levels. I deeply value the opportunity at Wayve to help make autonomous driving a reality in a way that is widely applicable both from engineering and commercial viewpoints.”

“I look forward to leveraging my software leadership experience building and leading innovative teams that pushed the boundaries of technology and have produced some of the most scalable ML systems in the industry (TPU supercomputers).”

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