14 March 2024  |  Press release

AV Pioneer Erez Dagan joins Wayve as Company President

With over 20 years of experience developing ADAS and Automated Driving solutions, Erez Dagan will oversee the product, business, and strategy for delivering Wayve’s Embodied AI applications to OEMs.

Wayve, a leader in Embodied Artificial Intelligence (AI) for autonomous driving, has announced that industry luminary Erez Dagan has joined as President. In this role, Erez will oversee the product, business, and strategy for delivering Wayve’s Embodied AI applications to OEMs.

Erez brings to Wayve a remarkable career spanning 20 years at Mobileye, where he contributed significantly to developing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and automated driving (AD) technologies. With expertise in Computer Vision, Erez ascended to key leadership positions, including Executive Vice President of Product and Strategy and Vice President of Intel Global. During his tenure, he led the company’s product portfolio and strategy, driving the deployment of ADAS in over 120 million vehicles, pioneering L2+ solutions with automotive partners and scaling this architecture to lay the groundwork for its L4 mobility-as-a-service business unit.

Recognised as a pioneer in the field, Erez was part of the team that launched the first camera-based ADAS products, paving the way for today’s automotive technology systems. He now joins Wayve to lead the introduction of their first Embodied AI products for production vehicles, leveraging his deep expertise in machine learning technologies to deliver cutting-edge automotive products as a trusted partner to OEMs.

Alex Kendall, Co-founder & CEO, Wayve says:

“Erez’s achievements and pivotal role in shaping the automated driving industry are unquestionable. I couldn’t be more excited to partner with him and learn from his extensive knowledge. Erez greatly understands the challenges the industry faces in deploying this technology safely and sees the opportunities that end-to-end Embodied AI can address.

Having Erez join our team strengthens our commitment to pioneering Embodied AI technology for the automotive industry. We aim to forge partnerships with the most forward-thinking automotive manufacturers, using AI to unlock autonomy in production vehicles on a large scale. It is an honour to work alongside Erez as we embark on this journey to deliver the first end-to-end AI product range for automakers.”

Erez Dagan, President, Wayve says:

“Like many others, I have witnessed an incredible transformation in AI, with its expressive power and unparalleled generalisation capabilities evolving at an unprecedented pace. This recent disruption marks the start of a significant turning point in the field. My two decades of experience developing ADAS and AD solutions have given me a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of deploying this technology safely at scale. Advancements in modern AI have convinced me that the best way to tackle this 20-year-long complex problem of achieving truly safe and scalable automated driving is to adopt end-to-end (e2e) Embodied AI. This is key to solving the long-tail scenarios that have long eluded the industry.

I was inspired to learn that Wayve has been at the forefront of developing autonomous driving technology based on this visionary end-to-end AI strategy. Discovering that Wayve has built a strong, defensible moat and valuable assets to pursue this mission was a pivotal moment for me. I am excited and humbled to partner with Alex in bringing this critically required next-generation driving automation technology to market.”

To learn more about Erez, read his latest blog on how end-to-end (e2e) Embodied AI is, by design, uniquely equipped to solve the long-tail problem of driving automation.

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