Fleet Partners

Our fleet partners enable us to pursue the fastest route to a safe and scalable autonomous driver: urban last-mile delivery.

Wayve Van driving in London

Autonomous delivery powered by Wayve

Last-mile delivery represents an ideal first use case for the Wayve AI Driver, which can navigate the complexities of urban driving and easily adapt to new routes. We have partnered with two of the UK’s leading grocery retailers, Asda and Ocado Group, to trial our self-driving vehicles in their delivery operations.

Our delivery partnerships go beyond simply testing our technology. We are working with our partners to mature the Wayve AI Driver for commercial operation and help them learn how to create and operationalise an urban autonomous delivery service. This is an exciting opportunity to explore new ways to make the convenience of grocery delivery more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Wayve Autonomous Grocery Delivery Trial in Partnership with Asda

Wayve AI Driver is entering an exciting phase in its development—and if you live in London, it could soon help deliver the groceries you receive.

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Powering fleets, from logistics to ride-hail

We believe that the key to making AVs work is to have a solution that makes economic sense for fleet owners and can meet their greater mobility needs. We’ve architected the Wayve AI Driver to be flexible enough to autonomously power vehicles of all sizes, from passenger cars to large delivery vans, and to operate on both ride-sharing and delivery services. Our deep learning approach enables our intelligent autonomy solution to operate in unstructured environments without prior programming or high-definition maps. This means it can quickly adapt to situations it has never seen before.

We are currently focused on the B2B market, where we work with fleet operators to integrate our self-driving technology into their vehicles. We’re learning a lot from our trials with delivery companies, which will help us optimize our technology for use in sectors ranging from last-mile delivery to ride-hail and public transit.

Driving the future of autonomous delivery logistics

Wayve is partnering with Ocado Group to develop autonomous last-mile logistics solutions for urban and complex environments.

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Wayve and Ocado Group Partner to Develop Autonomous Grocery Deliveries for OSP Retailers Globally – image showing overhead Ocado vans in car park

Fleet intelligence on the road to driverless

Fleet data collection is the first step towards unlocking autonomy in fleet operations. We’re collecting data from our partners’ normal driving operations to enhance the core capabilities of the Wayve AI Driver. This helps us expand our geographic coverage through low-cost access to vast driving data.

Our partners also use this data intelligence to enhance the safety of their fleets and support their Insurance and Risk teams with claims. Our solutions help fleet operators benefit today and in the future.

Wayve delivery van driving in a residential neighborhood