Unlocking driving automation at scale: empowering automakers to safely integrate AI to accelerate the transition from L2+ to L4

Wayve self-driving vehicle in London

Designed to unlock assisted and automated driving features for any vehicle in any city

Wayve is redefining driving automation by introducing a sensor-agnostic, mapless AI software: Wayve AI Driver. Unlike other solutions, Wayve’s technology is adaptable, lean and affordable. It is designed to help automakers bring a range of driving automation levels, including ADAS and fully automated features, to customers sooner.

Lean and sensor-agnostic

Wayve’s AI Driver technology is designed to work with any vehicle, thanks to its lean, sensor-agnostic and flexible architecture. Our current prototype uses sensor data from cameras and radar. Whether you’re looking to improve existing L2/L2+ ADAS capabilities or advance to L3 or L4 automated driving, Wayve technology can help you make this a reality for any type of vehicle.

Wayve's AI driving Wayve's Jaguar I‑PACE with a safety operator at the wheel

Mapless autonomy for any city

Experience mapless assisted or autonomous driving like never before. Wayve’s groundbreaking end-to-end AI model creates human-like driving intelligence, eliminating the need for HD maps. This means that you can effortlessly expand this technology to new roads and cities, without having to invest in building HD maps.

Designed for seamless integration

Wayve AI Driver is engineered for seamless integration with your existing systems. Our advanced software module can plug into your ADAS and Automated Driving Systems. It can be designed to complement existing discrete ADAS functions, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist or Automatic Emergency Braking.

One software for multiple vehicles

Wayve AI Driver is a truly scalable solution that’s designed to fit every model and price point in your lineup. Our data-driven technology can enable different levels of advanced driver automation that can adapt to different vehicle platforms and evolve with your vehicles, thanks to seamless over-the-air (OTA) software updates.

Wayve AI Driver

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Leading the way with cutting-edge AI models for unmatched performance

Wayve is the leading AV2.0 developer, having pioneered end-to-end AI for self-driving since 2017. Our applied research division remains at the forefront of autonomous driving research and development, advancing the state-of-the-art in self-driving technology.

AI Explainability

LINGO-1 is a first-of-its-kind language model for self-driving. It can enhance the performance and interpretability of end-to-end AI models and increase transparency behind their reasoning and decision-making.

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Photo-realistic Synthetic Data

Neural Radiance Fields is a groundbreaking way to create photo-realistic simulated data with scenes recreated from real-world data. Wayve’s advanced research makes this possible, delivering unmatched accuracy and realism.

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Future Prediction

GAIA-1 is a generative world model that uses AI to gain a detailed understanding of the world, predict future events with unparalleled accuracy, and generate incredibly realistic driving videos from text, action and video prompts. It can be used to accelerate training and validation, especially around edge cases.

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A comprehensive framework for safety and validation

AV2.0 enables us to develop an innovative safety architecture that allows for scalable, data-driven validation

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