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Our Values

To solve this problem successfully we require a diverse, brave, intelligent, collaborative, open-minded team that is courageous enough to challenge the status quo.

It's important to us that we are all different, with different expertise, upbringing, point of view, but vital that we share the same values.

If you are excited to contribute but don’t see a specific role that fits, we would still love to hear from you.

Leave positive tracks

Our mission has the power to save millions of lives, create equal opportunity through mobility, and to have a greener world. Internally, it's important that every decision is made with integrity, empathy, people, physical & mental health and the planet in mind.

Drive each other forward

We over-communicate. We are approachable & vulnerable. We put our team first. We have growth mindsets and humility. We have brave conversations. We ask for help. We hear everyone's voice and respect it. We drive each other forward.

Autonomous in thought, collective in action

We are built of strong, curious individuals coming from all walks of life, but who, together, want to achieve a common goal. We trust and respect each other and together achieve the impossible.

Pave new roads, explore unknown horizons

We aren’t afraid of doing things differently. We take calculated risks and embrace unknown territory. Failing can be seen as progress and a step in the right direction. We are curious, courageous, and challenge the status quo.

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