Vijay Badrinarayanan

Vijay Badrinarayanan is the VP of AI at Wayve, a company pioneering AI technology to power self-driving vehicles.

Vice President, AI
Bay Area
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“We’ve now entered a decade where the key challenge is to build embodied intelligence, which means agents that can learn to work in real everyday environments with human activity. This brings new and exciting challenges to tackle as researchers.”

About Vijay

As Wayve’s VP of AI, Vijay is strengthening the company’s investment in deep learning to develop the end-to-end learned brains behind Wayve’s self-driving technology. His team in Mountain View, California, focuses on artificial intelligence topics such as representation learning and multi-modal foundation models for driving, combining vision, natural language and action for driving. These efforts are aimed at helping Wayve bring its cutting-edge approach to autonomous driving to market.

Vijay has been at the forefront of deep learning and AI research since the inception of the new era of deep learning. His joint research work with Alex Kendall, CEO of Wayve, on semantic segmentation, is one of the highly cited publications in deep learning. Before joining Wayve, Vijay led the Magic Leap Inc. team that developed the first deep neural network products for power-constrained mixed reality headset applications.

Vijay has a PhD in computer vision from INRIA Rennes Bretagne-Atlantique, and he completed his post-doctoral research focused on deep learning at the University of Cambridge.

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