Wayve's Vice President, Commercial – Kaity Fischer

Kaity Fischer

Kaity Fischer is the VP of Commercial at Wayve, a company pioneering AI technology to power self-driving vehicles.

Vice President, Commercial and Fleet Operations
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“Truly equitable access to mobility doesn’t only mean improved personal transportation; it enables greater access to resources, community and opportunity. Wayve’s data-learned approach, AV2.0, is uniquely positioned to offer autonomous mobility that is scalable and accessible.”

About Kaity

Kaity is responsible for Wayve’s partnerships strategy, business development and commercialization of AV2.0. She is building the ecosystem of private, public and government partners that will shape the development and deployment of our technology. She leads functions that include commercial strategy, business development, partnerships, marketing, legal, and public policy.

Kaity is a seasoned leader in the autonomous vehicle industry with extensive experience in developing early-stage partnerships and operationalising autonomous ride-hailing trials. Before Wayve, she led business processes and partnerships at Aptiv (now Motional) and Alphabet’s Waymo.

Kaity holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

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