Erez Dagan

Erez Dagan is President at Wayve, a company pioneering embodied AI technology to power self-driving vehicles.

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“I have witnessed the incredible transformation in AI, with its expressive power and unparalleled generalization capabilities evolving at an unprecedented pace. This disruption marks the start of a significant turning point.

My two decades of experience developing ADAS and AD solutions have given me a deep understanding of the challenges in deploying this technology safely at scale. Advancements in modern AI have convinced me that end-to-end Embodied AI is the key to solving the long-standing challenges in achieving safe and scalable automated driving.”

About Erez

Erez oversees the product, business, and strategy for delivering Wayve’s embodied AI applications. A seasoned automated driving industry leader, Erez understands the challenges and the opportunities for end-to-end AI in this space. At Wayve, he is leading the introduction of Wayve’s first Embodied AI products for production vehicles, leveraging his deep expertise in machine learning technologies to deliver cutting-edge automotive products as a trusted partner to OEMs.

Erez brings to Wayve a distinguished career of 20 years at Mobileye, holding senior positions, including Executive Vice President of Product and Strategy and Vice President of Intel Group. During his tenure, he led the deployment of ADAS in over 120 million vehicles, pioneered L2+ solutions with OEM partners and paved the way for its L4 mobility-as-a-service business unit. Now, at Wayve, Erez continues to lead the development of automated driving and ADAS systems harnessing the power of embodied AI.

Erez holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MBA from IDC, Herzliya.

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