We’ve done pioneering work in computer vision, built and managed self-driving vehicle deployments and shipped ground-breaking products that leverage machine learning.

Picture of Sarah Gates
Sarah Gates
Director of Public Policy

“Self-driving technology has the potential to transform transport in ways that are of huge value to society. Our technology can improve road safety, decrease traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and provide accessible mobility solutions to underserved communities. At Wayve, we understand that we won’t achieve this without a clear legal framework and the public’s trust.”

Picture of Eric Barbier
Eric Barbier
Head of Safety

“As people grow, develop and visit more places, they learn to move through the world in the safest ways possible. At Wayve, we are building our technology to do the same. Our Wayve Pillars of Safety & Security framework represent a thorough and holistic approach to safety, and it drives a strong safety culture within all teams at Wayve.”

Picture of Joanne Lin
Joanne Lin
Head of Supply Chain

“At Wayve, we believe in pursuing a sustainable future of autonomous vehicle technology while investing in a positive legacy. As we face unprecedented global supply challenges, we need to cultivate and strengthen relationships with like-minded vendors who share our vision for innovation and positive impact.”