Data privacy

The protection of the data we collect is very important. We treat it securely and with great care.

Wayve vehicle driving on road in London

Artificial intelligence and data privacy

At Wayve, we’re building artificial intelligence (AI) capable of driving in any environment, anywhere in the world. Our self-driving technology is data-driven at every layer and constantly learns and improves. Our AI software learns from observing human driving and reinforcement learning, allowing us to learn efficiently at scale. As part of this process, we record data from our vehicle sensors and want to be transparent about how and why we do this.

How Wayve’s self-driving technology works

As a self-driving technology company, we do not build self-driving vehicles. We are developing the software, hardware, computing and operations infrastructure to power self-driving vehicles. When integrated into a vehicle, our fully automated driving system is capable of performing all driving functions under certain conditions, without the need for a human driver. This type of technology falls under SAE International’s definition of a Level 4 automated driving system.

What do Wayve record

We have a robust system for collecting and analysing data from all encounters we have on the road in order to improve the performance of our fleet. Our vehicles continuously monitor and log data from all test drives. This includes data from our camera and radar sensors and other information, such as the vehicle’s operating state. Using this information, we can analyse how our system detects and responds to external objects, develop new simulated scenarios for training, and even reconstruct the scene later on. We collect this data for research purposes and do not use it to identify individuals.

Data protection

Managing this data and protecting the privacy of individuals who are filmed is very important to us. We process all our data in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. For more information about what we do with your data, get the details in our privacy policy.