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Zak Murez is an Applied Scientist at Wayve. He enjoys working at the intersection of research and product, where he can witness the results of his research daily to make autonomous driving a reality.

Applied Scientist
Bay Area
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“Wayve represents a pioneering leap in artificial intelligence by liberating AI from passive text and images, enabling it to engage with the physical world.”

Meet Zak

My role at Wayve doesn’t feel like a job; it’s a passion, an adventure, and a commitment to making our roads safer through cutting-edge technology.

I met Wayve’s CEO, Alex Kendall, at a conference when I was working on augmented reality and tackling the challenge of seamlessly integrating virtual content into our physical surroundings. After we discussed domain adaptation and heard more about Wayve, it became clear that Wayve presented a thrilling opportunity. That challenge ultimately propelled me into the world of autonomous driving technology.

I find my work at Wayve akin to an adventure. I have the opportunity to work at the intersection of research and product. It’s about embracing uncertainty and diving headfirst into the unknown. Solving complex problems with a touch of unpredictability keeps the journey exciting. The reward lies in deciphering the mysteries of AI and autonomous driving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

While research on its own is fun, at Wayve, it immediately impacts our core product, which can potentially change the world. I develop machine learning models that power Wayve’s self-driving vehicles, which means I can witness the results of my research daily, with the opportunity to train a new model one day and see how it performs on the road the next.

Our close-knit and focused team culture allows me to dive deep into specific research problems while understanding the context of those problems within the breadth of our entire technology stack. The beauty of our AV2.0 approach is its relative simplicity, which empowers model developers to fully understand the entire system, from input photons to output controls and do research without artificial subsystems or team boundaries. We regularly assemble small, cross-disciplinary groups that can address specific and complex problems and drive significant progress and improvements in our product.

I’m excited to contribute to Wayve’s mission to move autonomous driving out of our dreams and into the world of reality.

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