Ryan Andrade

Ryan Andrade is a System Architect at Wayve. He helps design and set the technical direction for Wayve’s entire autonomy stack. He is drawn to the company’s focus on building end-to-end AI for self-driving cars and beyond.

System Architect
Bay Area
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“At Wayve, we have a clean slate to shape our unique AV2.0 path and benefit from the latest advancements in AI.

It is a place where you can build something new, informed by what you’ve done in the past – an exciting balance of experience and innovation.”

Meet Ryan

In my role at Wayve, I wear many hats. Principally, I’m a system architect, and I design and set technical direction for the high-level concept of our entire autonomy stack from embodiment up to intelligence.

I work with my fellow leadership team members, engineers, and scientists, employing systems thinking to help harness the collective wisdom and experience of the team to make something greater than the sum of its parts. Given my hardware background, I also work closely with our robot team, ensuring that our sensing, compute, actuation, and other hardware and low-level software systems best serve our core goal of developing a self-driving intelligence that can learn.

I learned about Wayve through a former colleague, Dan McCloskey, now Wayve’s VP of Hardware. He told me that the culture at Wayve reminded him of the early days when we both worked on self-driving vehicles at Google. In those days, we recognised the magnitude of the problem, didn’t worry about competitors, and just wanted to solve self-driving by whatever it took to do it. That comparison piqued my interest. I’m drawn to challenges, and Wayve’s focus on end-to-end machine learning for intelligent autonomous vehicles intrigued me. As much as I’m proud of my contributions to what we here now call AV1.0 and what others have accomplished with it, I’m even more excited about AV2.0 and our learned approach to autonomy and its advantages.

What inspires me at Wayve is our vision for ushering in the age of autonomy. It’s not just about self-driving cars; it’s about the advent of an era where intelligent machines collaborate with us and free us to focus on what truly matters. My core values are connection, curiosity, and creativity, and I feel Wayve is a place where I can express those values in my work and, in doing so, empower and enable others to do the same.

“Wayve fosters an atmosphere where everyone’s contributions are valued, and we collectively work towards our goals.”



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