Lucy Wilkes, Wayve's Engineering Manager

Lucy Wilkes

Lucy Wilkes is an Engineering Manager and manages the Simulation Engine team at Wayve.

Engineering Manager
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“There’s a huge variety of people with different roles across different levels that I engage with almost daily at Wayve. From hardware builders to machine learning engineers to the AV safety operators who take the cars out on the road. Everyone is treated equally, and everyone’s opinion is valued.”

Meet Lucy

I manage the Simulation Engine team at Wayve, which is part of Simulation. Simulation gives us access to a limitless range of driving scenarios and virtual worlds to train and test our AI driving models, building both their capabilities and our confidence in how well the technology performs.

I enjoy being part of a company with a clear mission and where the challenges that crop up daily are easy to understand and engage with. In past roles, it’s often been necessary to form a deep understanding of a complex technology stack to appreciate why some of the problems are important. That understanding can take months to develop. At Wayve, that “why” is much more apparent and intuitive because we all interact with cars daily and have built up an innate knowledge of how they should behave in a given scenario, even if we don’t drive ourselves.

As a recent joiner to Wayve, I appreciate the openness that runs through everyday life here. It’s a place that’s very welcoming to new faces. People are keen to introduce themselves, find out who you are and what you do, and tell you about all the interesting stuff they’re working on. 

I’m also passionate about building diverse teams. As a woman in technology, the lack of gender diversity has been most noticeable to me during my career, but it’s far from the only area where the industry could improve. Wayve’s commitment to attracting people with a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences was a big reason for my joining. It means we get to hear various perspectives in any discussion, which leads to more innovation and creates an interesting environment to work in where we’re constantly learning from each other.

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