Eric Li, Wayve's Strategic Partnerships Manager

Eric Li

Eric Li is the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Wayve.

Strategic Partnerships Manager
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Eric Li, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Wayve

“I love the steep learning curve and the speed with which our collaborative culture helps us climb it for the progress of our team, our partners and my personal development.”

Meet Eric

As a Strategic Partnership Manager, I interface between our internal technical teams and Wayve’s partners. It’s about developing our technology to be operationally and commercially viable for real-world use cases. Both Wayve and our partners recognise that the perfect end solution does not exist yet. But both are excited about the opportunity and keen to be part of the development journey to deploy self-driving vehicles. We are learning and progressing together.

While I’ve previously worked in the transportation sector, I’m new to autonomous mobility. I work closely with various teams across Wayve: Product, AV Operations, Hardware, Autonomy, Science and Simulation. I’m learning a lot from those around me, which helps me educate our commercial and technology partners and develop a joint path forward. I also work with our partners to discover insights about the real-world requirements of our technology. By moving between these two parties, I can create a collaborative and practical strategy for us to build a path to commercialise autonomous mobility.

Wayve offers a very collaborative and fun work environment. We have a hugely diverse workforce, not only in terms of nationality, age, gender and sexuality. I have colleagues who used to work in academia, the civil service and engineering. There are young singles, parents, dog owners, sports enthusiasts, bookworms, amateur chefs and bartenders. And with this diversity comes lots of great stories! Yes, our work is important, complex and challenging, but it’s also great fun solving this brilliant problem together!

“What we are developing is more than solving a technical challenge. It provides a practical solution to a real-world problem with tremendous impact.”