Corina Gurau, Engineering Manager at Wayve

Corina Gurau

Corina Gurau is an Applied Scientist at Wayve. Her whole career will be dedicated to understanding AI and its positive impact on the world.

Applied Scientist
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Corina Gurau, Engineering manager Wayve

“I love the energy and optimism that has been here since the very beginning. The belief that we will make it happen.”

Meet Corina

I love new challenges that take me out of my comfort zone. I joined Wayve when there were only about 20 employees. Previously I had completed my PhD at Oxford as part of a robotics group that took an early look at autonomous vehicles. I realised how thrilling this field can be during an internship at the Robotics Institute in Pittsburgh, USA.

You need to be very curious and open-minded to work at Wayve. You’ve got to be able to switch your perspective quickly and adapt fast to a change in path. You need to let evidence change your ideas and be open in the way you approach problem-solving. The sheer scale of the engineering challenge ahead of us teaches you humility.

Every day at Wayve, we all contribute to a bigger idea. In research, it’s not always clear where the next breakthrough will come from, but we move forward together. Bit by bit, the pieces of the puzzle become clear. Then they start to fall in place, and the bigger picture becomes more evident. I’m always learning something new about the problem. I get great satisfaction from that.

Wayve is a beautiful place because the details matter. We’re continually asking, ‘is there something we could do differently here to make this work?’ We try different approaches to problems again and again. It’s vital to bring in many other people with different experiences and expertise and to expose the problem to them and them to the problem. A new person might approach a problem slightly differently, and it works! Trying and failing are always encouraged. But really, you never fail. You only learn.

I love being part of something that proves daily that even the most complex tech can work. My whole career will be dedicated to understanding AI and its positive impact on the world.

“What I love about Wayve is that every bit of healthy scepticism I have is proven wrong!”