Our people

We’re a diverse team on a shared journey. Our different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and passions are welcomed, valued and nurtured.

“There’s a huge variety of people with different roles across different levels that I engage with almost daily at Wayve. Everyone is treated equally, and everyone’s opinion is valued.”

Lucy Wilkes Engineering Manager
Meet Lucy
Lucy Wilkes, Wayve's Engineering Manager

“I find my work at Wayve akin to an adventure. I have the opportunity to work at the intersection of research and product. It’s about embracing uncertainty and diving headfirst into the unknown.”

Zak Murez Applied Scientist
Meet Zak

“When I look back on this chapter of my career, it will be great knowing I was part of something positive that will bring a huge change to the world.”

Alex Persin Platform Engineer
Meet Alex

“Wayve is a place where you can build something new, informed by what you’ve done in the past – an exciting balance of experience and innovation.”

Ryan Andrade System Architect
Meet Ryan

“I love the steep learning curve and the speed with which our collaborative culture helps us climb it – for the progress of our team, our partners and my personal development.”

Eric Li Strategic Partnerships Manager
Meet Eric
Eric Li, Wayve's Strategic Partnerships Manager
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