Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Be part of a transformative industry. Our diversity, equity and inclusion approach allows us to build an AV solution that is more inclusive by design.

Diversity in thought and experience

We see our product as a real-world manifestation of the people and the company that built it. Our journey requires collaboration, intentional diversity of thought and equity of opportunity. That’s why we strive to build a team of exceptional people who bring new perspectives, backgrounds and experiences to our culture and reflect the diversity of the world around us.

As a values-led company, we aim to lead DEI progress and cultural change within our organisation, the AI and AV communities, and society.

Our priorities

Diverse community

We celebrate our people and their cultural traditions and support outreach events and resource groups so employees can connect over shared passions and tackle issues together.

Equitable processes

We strive to enable all of our people to feel supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential and be rewarded and recognised for their contributions.

Inclusive culture

We nurture a working environment that is inclusive and accessible, where our people are treated with fairness, dignity and respect and have a real sense of belonging.

“There’s a huge variety of people with different roles across different levels that I engage with almost daily at Wayve. From hardware builders to machine learning engineers to the AV safety operators who take the cars out on the road. Everyone is treated equally, and everyone’s opinion is valued.”

Lucy Wilkes Engineering Manager
Meet Lucy
Lucy Wilkes, Wayve's Engineering Manager

Employee resource groups

Our Employee Resource Groups are voluntary, identity-based communities formed by our people at Wayve. While each group forms for a different reason, what they all have in common is to create a safe place to connect, share celebrations and raise awareness about issues their community faces.

Neurodivergents at Wayve

Our group aims to provide access to and build a community for anyone who already identifies as neurodivergent or has begun to consider inclusion within this group. By providing a non-judgmental space where similar experiences can be shared and discussing challenges we may face, we hope to illuminate lived experiences to the broader company to promote greater understanding and empathy.

Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a community for technical women to build strong cross-team relationships, share advice and experiences, and collaborate to address issues at Wayve and beyond. We host regular discussion-based meetings to understand better what it means to be a technical woman at Wayve and engage with stakeholders and allies to enact change at a larger scale.

Asians at Wayve

With this group, we hope to support people of Asian descent or those who identify with Asian culture. Working in a western country like the UK differs from Asian culture, and this group facilitates discussion about our shared Asian identity and experience in the workplace.