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Predicting the future

Using deep learning to understand different probabilistic futures for urban driving.
Research16th March 2020

Learned Urban Driving

Driving with end-to-end deep learning in traffic on public UK roads.
Research2nd December 2019

Learning to Drive like a Human

Our algorithm can drive on never-seen-before urban roads just with cameras and a basic sat-nav.
Research3rd April 2019

Simulation Training, Real Driving

Our autonomous car drove on real UK roads by learning to drive solely in simulation.
Research11th December 2018

Driving Computer Vision with Deep Learning

Real-time scene understanding with computer vision and deep learning.
Research5th November 2018

Dreaming about Driving

Autonomous driving with Model Based Reinforcement Learning.
Research5th September 2018

Learning to Drive in a Day

The first example of deep reinforcement learning on-board an autonomous car.
Research28th June 2018
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