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We aim to be the first to
deploy in 100 cities


August 2020

Wayve raises additional capital bringing our total funding to $44M. We demonstrate our technology scaling to multiple cities, training our system using only London training data, yet capable of generalising autonomous driving to new UK cities.

October 2019

Wayve raises a $20M Series A investment and opens our headquarters with a world-class robotics facility in London King’s Cross with a fleet of autonomous Jaguar I-PACE vehicles.

February 2019

Wayve demonstrates end-to-end deep learning driving a vehicle in traffic for the first time in the world on public UK roads.

June 2018

Wayve demonstrates the first example of deep reinforcement learning on a self-driving car, learning to lane follow from scratch with just 10 minutes of feedback.

September 2017

Wayve was founded following world-class research in deep learning from the University of Cambridge, building our first robot in our house-office's garage.

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Wayve is based in London’s tech district near King's Cross Station and has been testing autonomous vehicles on public UK roads since early 2018. Wayve operates a fleet of electric vehicles fitted for autonomous operation and technology development.

We are a diverse group of motivated individuals solving the most challenging technical problem of the 21st century. We are roboticists, deep learning scientists, mathematicians, physicists, software engineers, entrepreneurs and more.

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