Pioneering a new approach to self-driving: AV2.0

For a smarter, safer, more sustainable world.

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The future of mobility

We are reimagining self-driving with embodied artificial intelligence, ushering in a new era of technology.

Inspired by our vision for a smarter, safer and more sustainable world, we’re solving self-driving differently. We’re building embodied AI software that gives vehicles the intelligence to drive anywhere.

Leading the next generation of AV technology

To deploy self-driving vehicles across hundreds of cities, we must rethink how we develop autonomous systems.

Our solution uses machine learning to solve the challenges of self-driving, eliminating the need for expensive and complex robotic stacks that require highly-detailed maps and programmed rules. The result is a technology that learns from experience to drive in any environment, even new places, without explicit programming.

We’re helping to lead the next generation of AVs by developing embodied AI software to power self-driving vehicles.

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Wayve Van driving in London

Partnering with fleets

Globally, there is huge momentum to transform transportation for logistics to meet growing demand and enable reliable, safe and efficient delivery services. At Wayve, we are developing commercially viable and scalable AV solutions to help fleet operators unlock self-driving benefits faster.

We are showcasing the promise of our AV2.0 technology via daily testing on public roads across the UK. We have partnered with two of the UK’s largest retailers, Ocado Group and Asda, to trial our technology within their fleet operations.

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“When I look back on this chapter of my career, it will be great knowing I was part of something positive that will bring a huge change to the world.”

Alex Persin Platform Engineer London
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