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The Next Wave of
Autonomous Mobility

A New Approach to Self-Driving: AV2.0

Imagine a world where autonomous cars take us to work, pick up our kids from school, bring us our groceries and help our communities turn more car parks into green parks.

For that vision to move forward, autonomous vehicle (AV) technology has to move forward and become more intelligent.

It has to be able to adapt to new cities, different terrains, and changing conditions. It has to adjust to the unpredictable, the unknown and the never before seen. It has to learn - much like you do - to respond in any situation.

We are Wayve.

Our AV2.0 technology completely rethinks how to solve self-driving by taking a pure machine learning approach. The result is a next generation AV technology that can scale and adapt to any driving condition, anywhere in the world: unlocking the promise of a better way forward.


What Makes AV2.0 Better

The Most Intelligent AV is the Most Adaptable AV

Much like a human driver, our AV technology can learn how to drive in one city and then apply that knowledge to new places it’s never been to. While other AV technologies work only on specific mapped streets or testing areas, our system can go from driving in London to driving in another city without the need to be re-engineered.

AV Hardware that is Lean and Scalable

Expensive and complex sensor stacks, which often cost more than the car itself, have stalled wider deployment of driverless cars. Wayve is committed to making our AV hardware as accessible, universal, and scalable as possible. This has led us to a camera-first approach with a low unit cost that can be used by any customer fleet, mobility service or vehicle platform.

Intelligence That Gets More Intelligent With Every Drive

Our driving intelligence is built on a Fleet Learning Platform, where it learns to drive with massive-scale driving data. As we drive, we continually improve and compound this rich data curriculum. Not only does our system get smarter as it encounters more difficult driving, but it can also work across a range of use cases from grocery delivery to ride-hail to other forms of transportation.

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Come ride the Wayve!

We are often told we are incredibly ambitious. We embrace solving the hardest challenges first, and are willing to try new solutions that will propel the world forward.

To reimagine mobility for everyone, everywhere, we need a diverse, brave, intelligent, collaborative, open-minded team that is courageous enough to challenge the status quo.

Join us for a challenge like none other.

Blog Articles

Wayve announces $200 Million in Funding to Accelerate the Development of AV2.0, the next wave of Autonomous Vehicles

New investment from prominent global financial investors and strategic partners enhances Wayve’s ability to scale and deploy next-generation autonomous technology globally
Company News18th January 2022
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